The Islander || Dave Dobbyn

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The Islander || Dave Dobbyn

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The album's title comes from Dobbyn's reflection what it is to be a New Zealander: "I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a Pacific Islander a long time ago. There's nothing vaguely European about me apart from the colour of my skin. So I've called it The Islander because it's a stamp of identity."


1."Waiting"  3:47

2."Mobile Home"  2:14

3."Hanging in the Wire"  3:05

4."Be Set Free"  3:52

5."Beside You"  3:43

6."Blindman's Bend"  4:44

7."Standing Outside"  2:52

8."What Have I Fallen For"  3:46

9."I Never Left You"  3:24

10."Keep a Light On"  3:20

11."Hands"  3:54

12."One Proud Minute"  5:04

13."Hallelujah Song"  

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